Dig Day Seven

A busy day to end the week with the by now traditional show and tell of some of the week’s finds at lunchtime, finishing with a very well attended quiz and BBQ in the evening. The rain did it’s level best to spoil the latter but Andrew in true bulldog spirit defied the deluge to produce the edibles.

Visits by  representatives from Historic England and the Regional HLF office went well and we believe we gave a positive impression of a well run excavation.

It would be remiss to close the first week without mentioning the sterling work being carried out by Chrissy and her crew in the marquee. They have been wading daily through mountains of CBM (Ceramic Building Material) without a word of complaint, diligently categorising whilst keeping a sharp lookout for interesting features such as animal prints. We have already had a probable cat’s print this week, indicative of a feline walking over a tile whilst it lay drying in the East Anglian sunshine over 1500 years ago.

Yesterday’s blog entry was completed late yesterday evening but disappeared into the ether whilst  editing was being attempted, hence the late posting. I am pleased to report that at the time of writing my computer is still in one piece!

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