Guided Site Tours Sunday

150+ members of the public visited the site today for a series of guided tours at 11.00, 2.00 and 3.00. Unfortunately the latter two were conducted in fairly inclement weather but it was pleasing to witness so much interest in this particular excavation.


Those members of the public who visited the site today were treated to something rather special for Norfolk. In the main trench over the ancillary building we now have in situ tessellated flooring comprised of red tesserae. This has been truncated towards the northern end by a robber trench but is still visible in a small slot that we have opened up towards the inside face of the wall. We may therefore have a reasonable expanse of surviving flooring. Given the relative depth of the wall indicated by the Ground Penetrating Radar survey it is conceivable that we may have a room with underfloor heating but further work will be required to establish whether or not this is indeed the case. The image below shows the floor emerging in our slot on the inside of the wall.


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