Week Two – Wednesday

With the clock ticking the weather decided not to co-operate today dropping continuous rainfall on the site for most of the morning. Trench 2 team beat a retreat in to the marquee to catch up on paperwork whilst the teams in trenches 1 and 3 soldiered on, care being taken to ensure that conditions were still workable before getting back in to the trenches. Trench 3 continues to produce small quantities of pre-Roman pottery.

The image below shows the complex nature of the trench over the ancillary building. The dump of broken tile is being cleared from the top end of the trench, with the wall running across the trench from just in front of the three buckets.


The second image shows a close up view of the wall with the tessellated flooring running right up to it.


The cake fairies exceeded themselves today with a choice of pineapple and ginger, coconut cubes,  chocolate, toffee and peanut squares and last but not least rocky road brownies.


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