Week Two – Friday

With the end of the dig rapidly approaching the race is on to complete all of the outstanding excavation work and we appear to be close to achieving this objective. This will hopefully leave some of Saturday and all of Sunday to complete recording and drawing.

The ditch in trench 3 has turned out to be a significant feature in its own right with the bottom reached at one side of the trench just before close of play.  Demolition material from the ancillary building, in the shape of large flints and broken tile, came out of the fill so the ditch was open when the destruction of the building took place.


Dr. Dave Bescoby augured across the bottom of the valley below the ancillary building which ruled out the existence of a stream at any time in the past, so the choice of location for the building remains something of a mystery at the present time. The image below shows auguring in progress.


The results of the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey of the temple have been received and strongly suggest that the building enjoyed multiple development phases.


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