Visitors Day Saturday

On this the penultimate day of the dig three further walk and talk tours of the site were held for the benefit of the public. Unlike last Sunday’s visitors day the weather shone favourably on us today, although this did make for fairly challenging photographic conditions.


Digging has now been concluded with the bottom of the ditch in trench 3 having been reached following sterling work by Mick. The ditch has proved to be a serious feature in its own right and would have been accompanied by an impressive bank made up from the upturned soil created by its construction. As an added bonus running parallel to the ditch is a much smaller and shallower ditch/gully. The image below shows our professional Archaeologist Giles Emery of Norvic Archaeology checking out the bottom of the the large ditch. Demolition material from the ancillary building can be seen in the section beyond him.


Tomorrow will see the completion of drawing and final photographs followed by clearance of the site and backfilling of the trenches on Monday.

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